Noisefloor is a small “peer to peer” business run by artists, for artists. Creating valuable and highly personal music products is our mission.

Have you ever sat at your desk and prayed that your order turns out the way you intended it to be? Believe us, we did that on a regular basis, so we wanted to do something to change that.

Operating from studios & workspaces in Manchester & Vienna with the long term goal to open a public concept store in the future, Noisefloor provides tape duplication, mastering and art services for projects both small and large; all done in house.

From start to finish, working together with us is a smooth and friendly experience. Over the entire duration of your project we will be in touch regularly, sharing photos, videos and audio material to make sure that everything is top quality and exactly to your liking. After several projects & businesses inside the music industry, we wanted to combine all our experience & expertise in one new home and service, Noisefloor.

Noisefloor is run by Jonathan Maynard & Dominic Caudr, two friends and business partners who have known each other for more than 7 years. It all started at City by Night Records, a downtempo record label Jon founded in 2012. Eventually Dominic, who initially joined as a music artist, started working in A&R (Artists and Repertoire). 

In 2017 we formed Beatsupply; a label focused on beat driven music. This spurred our interest in physical media in an ever increasing digital landscape. We began doing tape runs for releases, and quickly realized that we could ourselves do a lot of what we were relying on other businesses for. Rather than hope the quality matches up from different places, we would do it all in house. 

Since then, we’ve gone on to have 27 tape releases and counting. This was the cornerstone of the foundation of Noisefloor, and now we’re offering that service to everyone.

If you’re ready to start your new project, so are we.